Plan to Live!

MOVEmentum Challenge #3

It is easy to dream about the life you desire to live, but only a few actually get the chance to LIVE it. The question is: Why is that? What are the obstacles hindering us from living our best life – Fear? Lack of discipline? Deferred hope? Bad timing? I’m sure you have your reasons, as do I, but look at it like this: there will always be a reason “NOT to DO”. It’s time we find the reasons “TO DO”. There is no better time to LIVE than the present!  As an act of faith, agree to take several small steps towards accomplishing a goal. Before you know it, you will walk in the reality of your dream.

Challenge 3: Identify one obstacle that has hindered you in times past. Next, list a reason why NOW is the time for you to “MOVE” past that obstacle. What small steps can you take towards accomplishing a goal or dream by Friday?

Sharing your thoughts will inspire someone else.

In Him… Live. Move. Become.



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