Faith for the Assignment


We were all created to fulfill a purpose on Earth. Although we have heard this phrase many times, we often still find ourselves searching for our place in life, and we yearn to live lives that matter, lives that make a difference, and lives that leave a legacy.

In my experience, life is made up of both short and long-term assignments. We might not always notice them, but if we were to look at our last three years, we would be able to categorize these assignments. I think of it like this: life is like a classroom and God is the Master Teacher. Our trials, challenges, and experiences are the assignments God uses to develop us and to connect us to different phases of our future. When you are sent to work for particular company, inclined to study a certain subject, drawn to impact a specific city, or motivated to build something, you need to find value in your assignment. Remember, assignments can change, so it’s important to glean what you can when you are in the moment. What you learn in this phase of life will ultimately prepare you for your destiny. So, if you are ready, let’s delve in a little further.

Here are three things you should know about these assignments.

1. Assignments help to bring out the best in us while fulfilling a greater plan. They are constantly pushing us to write and live the vision that is in our heart. This vision is a part of God’s corporate vision for the world. Without an assignment we would miss out on making our unique impact within our sphere of influence. Our assignments point us in the direction of why we were created. They serve as a compass toward a life lived for God, on purpose—a life poured out. Some assignments are continuous because of the breadth and depth of the assignment; thus they expand throughout our lives.

2. Assignments are seen as road maps that guide us on an incredible journey of discovering who God is, who he has called us to be, and what he has called us to do. I don’t know where I would be without knowing God and being actively involved in His assignments for my life. Assignments give life to the spirit and they give us a targeted purpose: a reason to live and a place to contribute.

3. Assignments have the capacity to impact the world. They provide platforms that allow us to be a light in the midst of darkness. Assignments are perfectly aligned with what God has placed on the inside of us. Sometimes our gifts, talents, and anointing are hidden—they have to be pulled out of us. God knows how to orchestrate the perfect assignment to bring forth strengths and to develop weaknesses that are designed to bring him glory. That could mean working on a special project out of comfort zone, being appointed to a role because someone recognizes your talent, or serving alongside someone to gain skills that can be leveraged in subsequent environments. No matter the assignment, know that whatever you gain or experience, it will never be wasted.

So walk in the assurance that God has chosen you to accomplish something for Him, whether you know it know it or not. You were created on purpose by the God, the Master Teacher of the universe.

Until Next Time,

Your Dream Pusher


LaMeisha, a New Jersey resident, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. She has over 15 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, and in a variety of functions including Sales, Relationship Management, HR, and Consulting. When LaMeisha is not working you will find her running marathons across the world for Covenant House, mentoring inner city girls from Step Up Women’s Network, and speaking to students and professionals domestically and abroad. To date, LaMeisha has spoken in multiple countries to over 100,000 people, pushing them to make the most of their gifts, talents, and opportunities; with the mantra “Make Every Day Count!”

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