Christ Leads Us to Victory!

As believers, we have the promise that we can walk in complete victory in every area of our lives. No longer do we have to settle for defeat. Christ made us victorious when He conquered sin and death at Calvary. 1 Corinthians 15:57 AMP says, “…but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory [as conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Therefore, we are victorious! This isn’t a one-time victory; this is our new identity. Now all we have to do is walk in it. It doesn’t matter what we may be facing – problems at home or work, a health crisis, troubled children, or emotional challenges – we are victorious and we can lay hold of this promise: God will always cause us to triumph (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Below are a few testimonies submitted by Victorious Women from around the world. These are women just like you, who were faced with challenges, but triumphed over their adversities in faith. We encourage you to take a moment to read their stories. Let their testimony fuel your faith and stir within a renewed hope to trust God at a greater level.

If you have a testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life, please share it with us on our Trophy Wall. We would love to rejoice with you, and we believe your testimony will encourage others to put their trust in God.

Please note: Names and contact information will remain anonymous. Only the details pertaining to the testimony was posted on the Trophy Wall. 

  • Hope & Faith

    God’s Timing is Always Best

    3/14/15 – After completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I took two years off to gain work experience. There came a point in my life where I wanted to continue my education and purse a Master’s Degree. I applied and waited for my acceptance letter, but was instead greeted by a letter of denial. I was crushed to say the least. I pushed graduate school to the back of my mind and continued to work. About a year later, God put graduate school back on my heart. He made it clear that it wasn’t the right time before and that I should try again. After listening to God and re-applying, I soon received confirmation that I was accepted and would begin at the start of the school year.

    Towards the end of my first semester, I was presented with an opportunity to study abroad in Spain for two-weeks to focus on History, Culture, and Comparative Education with Central Michigan University. My heart literally skipped a beat thinking about the possibility of fulfilling a longtime desire of mine. You see, as a young girl I was inspired by my Spanish teacher to travel to this country. However, at some point along life’s journey, I lost faith in believing I was deserving of such an experience. But through God, I began to realize that I was indeed worthy. I prayed and asked God for His guidance as I navigated this uncharted territory. I found peace in knowing He had me covered every step of the way. I took the necessary steps to prepare for my trip and before you knew it, I was landing in Madrid, Spain. This was the culture I dreamed about immersing myself in since I was 14 years old.

    While it seemed like a setback when I wasn’t accepted the first time I applied to graduate school, I was able to see in retrospect how God was aligning things up for my good. If I would have been accepted when I first applied in 2012, I would have never gotten this opportunity. Unbeknownst to me, it wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that the professors at Central Michigan University traveled to Spain to finalize this program, which occurred in 2014, the summer after I was admitted into my graduate program. In granting the desire of my heart, God also developed my confidence and strengthened my faith in Him. I am forever grateful.

    While we can’t always see what God is doing behind the scenes, we have to continue to trust his will over our lives. Delayed doesn’t mean denied – It’s preparation for the blessing that’s about to come.

  • Freedom & Deliverance

  • Healing

  • Parenting

  • Protection

  • Provisions

    God Gave Me Favor at Work

    3/25/16 – I was praying for God’s favor with my boss. Last year, my boss decided to change my pay status from salary to hourly, which eliminated future opportunities to teach collegiate classes. I have been consistently praying for God to touch my boss’ heart, but God did something greater. He gave me favor with my boss’ director, who advocated for my change in salary status. Not only was I changed to a salary pay status, God exceeded my expectation. I was offered to teach two classes in the fall, which will add a new income stream to my family’s income and I gained two extra paychecks for this year.

  • Relationship/Reconciliation

  • Restoration

  • Salvation

    Salvation for my Niece

    1/17/16 – I have been praying for my niece for several years. She has had a troubled background, which had caused her to make poor life decisions. I tried to share Christ with her, but she would consistently resist. Today, I had another opportunity to witness to her and she gave her heart to Lord. Since then, her behavior  and attitude has improved. She is reaching out more and she is interested in growing in her relationship with God. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!

  • Wisdom/Guidance